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pazar22eyl00:0000:00MilanoFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE Organizatör: Pinar Pinzuti



Pinar Pinzuti


Milano Fancy Women Bike Ride 2018

The first edition of Milano FWBR was in 2018 and more than 500 participants joined the bike ride. The group gathered in Piazza Duomo, danced with the DJ music ( on a cargo bike), lots of selfies were taken and everyone sang songs during the bike ride. The group arrived in Piazza Arco della Pace and enjoyed the time spent together.

Milano Fancy Women Bike Ride 20219

The second edition of Milano FWBR in 2019 gathered almost 500 women in Piazza Duomo. Just before the bike ride the civil police stopped the group and delayed the departure of the ride. The police decided to change the route of the already confirmed bike ride ( conflict in the use of the public space between the European mobility week and milano fashion week).

Milano Fancy Women Bike Ride 2020

The “covid” edition of the Fancy Women Bike Ride invited all the women around the world to ride bike and post photos on social media. Small groups organized short bike rides in different parts of the city.

Pinar Pinzuti, local organizer and FWBR global coordinator was discouraged by the city of Milan’s policy regarding the public events. The local police of Milan ( Vigili Urbani ) demand a fee ( around 1500€) from the event organizer to accompany the group and to guarantee the safety of  the participants. Pinar Pinzuti paid these fees in 2018 and 2019 to make this event happen in Milan, in her adapted home. Later, she refused to organize the event in Milan as this was the only city among the rest of 200 host cities, demanding a fee from a women bike rally.



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