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Mira Bhayandar

eylül, 2023

pazar17eyl05:30Mira BhayandarFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE Organizatör: Nikita Nautiyal & Vaishali Pawar

mira bhayander


Nikita Nautiyal & Vaishali Pawar


The Fancy Women Bike Ride provides women an opportunity to be visible in society and show their true colors while raising awareness to create safe cycling infrastructure in cities.
This is going to be one-of-a-kind, women-led movement that celebrates the joy of cycling and the need for women to reclaim public space in Mira Bhayander. And I invite you all to add color to this beautiful event.
Women can change the world and the bicycle will help bring about this change. The more women, the more women will be encouraged to cycle.
– Dress code: Fancy, fierce, fabulous (whatever makes you feel beautiful, strong and great!)
– Decorate your bicycle, pose for the cameras and take selfies, greet & smile at people during the ride.
– Be inclusive to all women and support those new to cycling (offer help!)
– Bring your friends, mothers, aunties and sisters and be prepared for a magical morning.
No registration required.
Men can join so long as they ride with us, not ahead of us. Children are welcome.


(Pazar) 05:30


Mira Bhayandar

Seven Eleven Club