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Kuala Lumpur

eylül, 2023

pazar17eyl00:00Kuala LumpurFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE00:00 Kuala Lumpur, Dataran Merdeka / Merdeka Square Organizatör: Marina Nizar


Woman’s visibility in urban spaces is key to claim the right to the city. Cycling is a particularly powerful way for women to become visible in the society and a complete new way to interact with the city. Fancy Women Bike Ride is an event for women, organized by women to remember the liberating joy of cycling and to inspire more women to use bicycle in the cities.

The more women cycle, the more women will be encouraged to cycle.

Ride with us.

Meet at DATARAN MERDEKA and ride through the Car Free Sunday route with closed roads by DBKL.

The guidelines for Fancy Women Bike Ride are as follows (although, these are not strict rules) :
Dress code: fancy, Decorate your bicycle, Pose for the cameras and take selfies, Greet and smile at people during the bike ride, Bring your best friend.

The idea for these events began in 2013 in Izmir, Turkey. Every year, Fancy Women Bike Ride is held on World Car Free Day in destinations all over the world.


(Pazar) 00:00


Kuala Lumpur

Dataran Merdeka / Merdeka Square


Marina Nizar