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eylül, 2022

pazar18eyl13:00EdmontonFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE13:00 Edmonton, Strathcona Library Organizatör: Heather Young-Leslie


Fancy Women Bike Ride is an international womxn-first cycling event held annually on World Car Free Day.
The ride began as a way to ask cities to create welcoming spaces for women to cycle and interact with our cities. We all deserve safe ways to walk and ride bikes.
We are inviting YEG womxn -including womxn who don’t normally ride in the city- to join us for an easy, fun, and fancied-up cruise through Old Strathcona.
Any type of bicycle is appropriate, but we encourage you to dress fancy!
We expect all participants to adhere to the highest standards of pandemic precautions: be fully vaccinated (unless under age 12), bring a mask for any close proximities, and maintain physical distancing


(Pazar) 13:00



Strathcona Library


Heather Young-Leslie