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Fancy Women Bike Rike


Fancy Women Bike Ride is an annual women-only cycling event held on the World Car Free Day.


Fancy Women Bike Ride was held for the first time in 2013 in Izmir, Turkey to draw attention to World Car Free Day. This event was created by Sema Gur as a Facebook event and reached many women by word of mouth; 300 women participated to the bicycle tour. Women dressed in their most beautiful clothes, decorating their bikes with flowers and ribbons gathered in the city center and after a 3 km bike ride at a slow pace, they made a press statement and requested “the smell of perfume in cities instead of the smell of exhaust”.


In 2014 thanks to the national and international media coverage the second edition of the event is hosted also in other two cities contemporary. In Izmir there were more than 500 women on their bikes.


Sema Gur and Pınar Pinzuti organized the event in 10 cities with the help of the volunteers. Third edition of Fancy Women Bike Ride was on TV and printed media for many days.


In 2016 on September 25th  in 28 cities thousands of women gathered in front of their municipality buildings to ask for bike friendly safe infrastructure and services.


In 2017 on September 24th Fancy Women Bike Ride is organized in 50 cities contemporary.


In 2018 on September 23rd the event is organized in 70 cities in Turkey, Italy, Germany and Switzerland contemporary. Fancy Women Bike Ride is recognized as a global women movement by EU Commission.


Fancy Women Bike Ride took place in 115 cities all around the world on September 22nd and has been listed as a success story in Copehangenize Index 2019.


Fancy Women Bike Ride took place in 150+ cities all around the world on September 20th. Due to the pandemic, the women from all around the world cycled with small group of friends and shared their photos on social media #FWBR2020