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I don’t have a bike, how can I join the Ride

Option 1 – You can barrow a bike from your friends. You probably have friend who has a bike in his garage or on his balcony. Take the bike before the event, make sure that it is in a good condition, clean it a bit, put a little decoration and make a test ride.

Option 2 – Search for a bike shop in your neighborhood. Ask google! he knows it. Call them and ask if they rent bikes. Book one, make a test ride and come to Fancy Women Bike Ride.

Option 3 – If you are living in a big city, probably there is a bike-sharing system. Check the website, learn how to make a membership (daily, weekly, annually), take a bike close to the starting point and leave it after the ride. That’s it, so easy.

Option 4– Fancy Women Bike Ride is also a great excuse to buy yourself that cute bike you see at the bike shop. Lol! Think about it.

Option 5 – None of the options above work for you? Post an announcement on facebook and share it in the local cycling group. You may find a gentleman who would lend his bike for a day.