Fancy Women Bike Ride

In 2024, Fancy Women Bike Ride Has No Official Event


2013 - 2023


The Fancy Women Bike Ride (FWBR) proudly concludes its 11th annual event, marking over a decade of empowering women and promoting positive change worldwide. What began as a grassroots movement in 2013 has evolved into a global phenomenon, spreading in 30 countries and over 200 cities.

About Fancy Women Bike Ride

The Fancy Women Bike Ride is more than just a cycling event; it is a celebration of women’s empowerment, solidarity, and a testament to the determination of volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to make a difference. The ride encourages women from all walks of life to reclaim public spaces, promote sustainable transportation, and challenge societal norms.

Global Impact in Thirty Countries

Over the past eleven years, FWBR has transcended borders, inspiring women in thirty countries to join the movement. From bustling metropolises to rural communities, the Fancy Women Bike Ride has left an indelible mark, fostering a sense of community and empowerment among women.


Eleven Editions &  Eleven Key Achievements


1- Awareness for the European Mobility Week 

European Mobility Week is an annual initiative of the European Commission. It calls on cities and towns to devote one week to sustainable mobility.  From day one, FWBR became the promoter of European Mobility Week, which most municipalities and institutions had never heard of, but is now celebrated with dozens of local events in many cities across Europe.


2- Celebration of the World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day is celebrated on September 22. It is an opportunity for cities to highlight how congested roads can be used in different ways. Fancy Women Bike Ride’s first event in 2013 was on world car free day. Demanding the celebration of the day by closing the city centre to motorised vehicles was a part of the manifesto. In some cities, mayors decided to close some of the roads to cars, giving space to the community activities, at least for a day; London, Brussels and Paris are examples.


3- Advocacy for Safe Cycling Infrastructure

Fancy Women Bike Ride  has been a vocal advocate for safe cycling infrastructure, urging governments and municipalities worldwide to invest in women and bike-friendly paths, lanes, and facilities.


4- Many women learned how to ride a bike

One of the greatest impacts of the Fancy Women Bike Ride was the creation of regular free cycling courses for women in the cities. The volunteers of the movement taught thousands of other women how to ride a bike, women who were motivated to cycle in order to participate in the annual ride.


5- Empowering Women

Through the simple act of riding a bike, the Fancy Women Bike Ride has empowered women to challenge stereotypes and break down societal barriers. The movement encourages women to embrace their strength and independence. 

The slogan “Be Women Be Visible” was immediately embraced all over the world. Most of the time,  it’s only the visible things that get the attention of the media and are considered when decisions are taken that impact our daily lives.  Fancy Women Bike Ride helped to make bicycles visible on our roads (and be considered in urban planning and traffic management), and helped women to be visible as they are, without getting dressed as a road construction builder. 


6- Normalised cycling

Back in 2013, the male dominated cycling community was also dictating the rules of cycling. Such rules made cycling inaccessible for many potential urban cyclists. FWBR, with the annual event aimed to normalise cycling, proved that anyone with any kind of clothes, shoes, or hats could cycle, wherever they wanted, with the pace they preferred. 


7- Community Building 

The participants of the Fancy Women Bike Ride had the opportunity to know each other and do something together throughout the year. Smaller groups were created in different neighbourhoods and the social rides were almost every weekend.


8- Solidarity among women

The Fancy Women Bike Ride has brought together women from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity. As a movement, FWBR has created lasting connections and friendships among the organisers of the local events all around the world. 60% of the local bike rides were organised by Turkish women, and immigrants/expats with a Turkish background.


9- A smile is worth a thousand words

The Fancy Women Bike Ride tried a new style of activism and succeeded. Instead of aggressive rallies like many other cycling advocacy rallies, it collected many participants for a fun event and used the media visibility to reach out to the mayors with clear requirements on road safety and cycling infrastructure.


10- Bicycle is a means of transportation

Bicycle use has been spread, especially among women. The bicycle is no longer believed to be just a recreational vehicle of athletic men in lycra. Everyone can cycle, and we all should encourage our peers to cycle. 


11 – Recognition from the UN in 2022

The founders, Sema Gur and Pinar Pinzuti, received the 2022 Special Award World Bicycle Day of the United Nations for their leadership and excellence in promoting cycling for all.


None of these achievements would have been possible without the dedication and determination of the countless volunteer women who have tirelessly worked behind the scenes. Their passion has fueled the growth of FWBR and contributed to its positive impact on communities worldwide.

Sema Gur & Pinar Pinzuti