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Fancy Women Bike Ride



Fancy Women Bike Ride is an annual women-only cycling event held on the World Car Free Day.

The Fancy Women Bike Ride was born in 2013 in Izmir (Turkey) to ask the Mayor to celebrate World Car Free Day (Sept 22th) and to demand that cities create a welcoming space for women to cycle and interact with the city in a whole new way. We all deserve safe ways to walk and ride bikes. 

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Fancy Women Bike Ride is an annual women-only cycling event held on the World Car Free Day.

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september, 2021

Event Location

sun19sep10:00TampaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE10:00 Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Tampa, FL Event Organized By: Paula Flores

sun19sep12:00DeveliSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU12:00 Stadyum Event Organized By: Aslı Azman

sun19sep12:00BaküSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU12:00 Azadlıq Meydanı Event Organized By: Sahar Mehman

sun19sep12:00CambrilsFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE12:00 Cambrils Event Organized By: Laura Moreno Dinaret

sun19sep13:00HalmstadFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE13:00 Halmstad - Picassoparken Event Organized By: Seda Sanlier

sun19sep13:00HelsingborgFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE13:00 Helsingborg Event Organized By: Celine Duval

sun19sep13:00San JoséFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE13:00 Parqueo Clinica Biblica Event Organized By: Nadiezda Serrano Alvarez

sun19sep14:00YüksekovaSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU14:00 Yüksekova Event Organized By: Ceylan Serbest

sun19sep14:00MalmöFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE14:00 Malmö - Stortorget Event Organized By: Vasvie Issa

sun19sep14:00LjubljanaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE14:00 Prešeren Square Event Organized By: Ines Bertoncelj

sun19sep14:00MonterreyFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE14:00 Monterrey Event Organized By: Christ Ivette

sun19sep14:00WorcesterFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE14:00 Worcester Event Organized By: Hannah Cooper

sun19sep15:00RotterdamFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Hefpark Event Organized By: Cemile Sezer

sun19sep15:00PforzheimFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Pforzheim Event Organized By: Kirstin Heissenberger

sun19sep15:00OttawaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Ottawa Event Organized By: Christie Cole

sun19sep15:00CambridgeFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Cambridge Event Organized By: Merve Akgün

sun19sep15:00Kamp-Lintfort15:00 Kamp-Lintfort Event Organized By: Behnaaz Jansen

sun19sep15:00BerlinFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Berlin - Kudamm Event Organized By: Safia Yazanoğlu

sun19sep15:00BremenFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Bremen Event Organized By: Deniz Aktuğ Sürücü and Kim Hanke

sun19sep15:00AydınSüslü Kadınlar Bisiklet Turu15:00 PST Atatürk Kent Meydanı Event Organized By: Tuba İnci Özdemir

sun19sep15:00AnkaraSüslü Kadınlar Bisiklet Turu15:00 Anıtpark Event Organized By: Burçin Tarhan

sun19sep15:00AmsterdamFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Amsterdam - BeatrixPark Event Organized By: Nisan Tuncer

sun19sep15:0023:50DerryFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 - 23:50 Eighty81, Ebrington Event Organized By: Emma Hagger

sun19sep15:00TrabzonSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU15:00 Trabzon Event Organized By: Derya Belis

sun19sep15:00AfyonkarahisarSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU15:00 Zafer (Utku) Anıtı Event Organized By: Aliye Mete Sert

sun19sep15:00LondonFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 St.John's Church Park/Fair Street Event Organized By: Esra Kanat

sun19sep15:00NürtingenFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Kreuzkirchstrasse Event Organized By: Paula Brendel

sun19sep15:00MonzaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Piazza Trento Trieste Event Organized By: Saveria Fontana

sun19sep15:00MönchengladbachFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE15:00 Mönchengladbach Event Organized By: Susanne Jud

sun19sep16:00GironaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Girona Event Organized By: Jamaica Bastiras

sun19sep16:00FerraraFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Ferrara Event Organized By: Michela Guerra

sun19sep16:00GökçeadaSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Fatih Mahallesi Muhtarlığı Event Organized By: Kıymet Aksoy

sun19sep16:00MünchenFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 München - Königsplatz Event Organized By: Damla Şimşek

sun19sep16:00SakaryaSüslü Kadınlar Bisiklet Turu16:00 Adapazarı/Sakarya Kent Meydanı Event Organized By: Fatoş Çelebi Kalpak

sun19sep16:00PortoFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Porto Event Organized By: Sandra Alves

sun19sep16:00PisaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Pisa Event Organized By: Elena Mancuso

sun19sep16:00LyonFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Delestraint Event Organized By: Ophelie Abbot

sun19sep16:00ÇankırıSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Çankırı - Karatekin Parkı Event Organized By: Eda Aytaç

sun19sep16:00BariFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Bari Event Organized By: Senem Önen

sun19sep16:00CerviaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Cervia Event Organized By: Raffaella Ianiro

sun19sep16:00SiracusaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Siracusa Event Organized By: Pernilla Vall

sun19sep16:0023:50IğdırSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 - 23:50 Vali Konağı Event Organized By: Zehra Bal

sun19sep16:00MontpellierFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Montpellier Event Organized By: Barbara Crimi

sun19sep16:00İstanbulSüslü Kadınlar Bisiklet Turu16:00 Cevahir AVM Event Organized By: Perran Yalçın Yavru

sun19sep16:00Krdz EreğliSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Krdz Ereğli - Anıt Önü Event Organized By: Bilge Özdemir

sun19sep16:00BernFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Bern -Drahtseilbahn Marzili Event Organized By: Tugba Baumann & Simay Lombriser

sun19sep16:00ÇorumSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Çorum - Kent Meydanı Event Organized By: Melek Gizem Çataroğlu

sun19sep16:00FirenzeFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Firenze Event Organized By: Daniela Perrotta

sun19sep16:00KonyaSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Konya Anıt Meydanı Event Organized By: Ebru Acay İşlek

sun19sep16:00ErzincanSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Saat Kulesi Event Organized By: Zehra Gök

sun19sep16:00KölnFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Köln Event Organized By: Yeliz Karadeli-Yasar

sun19sep16:00KeşanSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Keşan - Cumhuriyet Meydanı Event Organized By: Ayşe Çelik Eker

sun19sep16:00OrduSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Ordu Limanı Event Organized By: Meryem Engin

sun19sep16:00KaramanSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Aktekke Meydanı Event Organized By: Hülya Turlay

sun19sep16:00Konya EreğliSÜSLÜ KADINLAR BİSİKLET TURU16:00 Oğuz Ata Tesisi Event Organized By: Nuran Solaker

sun19sep16:00WashingtonFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Georgetown Waterfront Event Organized By: Işık Taçoğlu

sun19sep16:00PadovaFANCY WOMEN BIKE RIDE16:00 Padova - Piazza dei Signori Event Organized By: Linda Ceola & Michela Guerra